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Travel that matters Making the world a better place, one story at a time.
T r a v e l T h a t M a t t e r s .

I A m

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Discover your Travel Personality

➣ Find your reason, your purpose for a trip.

➣ The type of trip that you’re likely to enjoy the most.

➣ You may be surprised what you find out!


The Explorer

Finds inspiration in travel, risk, discovery, and the thrill of new experiences


The Captain

Creates order and typically in charge. Time and special moments are precious


The Lover

Appreciates balance and connection with the people they care about the most


The Seeker

Committed to gaining deeper insight and want to see things first-hand

Don’t worry, no one is definitively one way or the other – in fact,

I’m a bit of Explorer and Seeker … with a dash of Captain!

Bianca xx

D i v e I n

Dive In


Living outside the comfort zone and experiencing something different


There’s more to life, and curiosity will respond if you listen carefully


Build and strengthen bonds, celebrate and appreciate special moments


Taking time out to feel whole again, relax, upskill or reinvent.        

H o w

How to make the most of your travel

➣ Document the highs and lows of your experiences with journaling, pictures or videos

➣ Take your time so there’s enough flexibility for spontaneity

➣ Be open to teaming up with like-minded people, meeting locals and even new friends

S h a r e Y o u r S t o r y

Share Your Story

Type of Story

What unique travel tale do you have to share?

Have you volunteered on a trip, become friends with people you disliked on a tour, met locals in unusual ways, house-sat? Everyone has a story worth telling up their sleeve. Let’s get it out there

Here’s how it works

1. Do the quiz to find your travel personality

2. Find out what types of trips you’d probably click with

3. Read other like-minded people’s travels for inspiration and share your own (we’ll help you with the last bit)

It’s Worth Sharing

Stories are a powerful way to keep memories and future dreams alive. In fact, that’s the very reason for this collection – to learn and be inspired by others to take your next trip. If you’ve got a story worth telling, we’ll help you write and share it.